Marketers Seeing Dramatically Higher Response Rates from Direct Mail

Here are some pretty concise and compelling statistics from the Direct Marketing Association.  This spells good news for direct mail marketers.

In 2013, direct mail spending in U.S. reached $44 billion, while teleservices topped $41 billion. Digital media spend (search, display, other) came in at $44.2 […]

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How Great Marketers Can Inspire Action

We, as direct marketers, often consider the people we’re selling to as our target market. But we’re selling to people, not targets. To generate response, it’s essential to understand underlying demographics and interests about your customer. While this is a starting point, it’s not likely […]

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Consumers Value Physical Mail, Even In This Digital Era

Multichannel marketing agency RAPP Germany commissioned global measurement firm Nielsen to conduct a study of the effects of different offline and online direct mailing techniques as part of the consumer purchase decision process.

Approximately 1,800 consumers in Germany and the United States participated in the study, which […]

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This is a repost from the B&B The More You Know blog.  Click the following link to view: NEWSLETTERS ARE DEAD?.

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Digital Slowdown

The response rate for direct mail rides high in the face of digital increase

 If your marketing strategy relies heavily on email, you may want to take a closer look at its more effective counterpart, direct mail.  The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has found that direct […]

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Merge email and direct mail to reclaim lost ‘wow’ factor

Like the big mail drops of yesteryear, people are being inundated with

email, which gets ignored and deleted. The “wow” factor, once a

signature of direct mail pieces, is sorely absent in email. Thus, we’re

seeing a resurgence of direct mail. However, direct mail alone can’t

capture what it […]

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