COVID-19 Update: We Are Open!

We hope you, your families and your co-workers remain safe and healthy during this unprecedented time in our country and around the world.As we are considered an essential business per the Louisiana governor’s “stay at home” order, our Baton Rouge facility remains open and operational, along […]


Make It Personal: It’s Not Optional Anymore

It used to be that personalizing your marketing, whether digitally or in print, was something that made you stand out. It was something your competitors weren’t doing, so your customers and prospects took notice. Today, personalization has become expected and consumers notice if you are […]

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3 Multichannel Marketing Stats to Inspire You

Multichannel marketing campaigns are more effective than single-channel campaigns, but let’s face it, they are more work, too. Check out these multichannel marketing statistics, which can keep you motivated to “channel” your way to success.

1. Two-thirds of shoppers use more than one channel.
This data comes […]

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