Are You Giving Your Mailing List Enough Love?

Quick! If you had to identify the most important component of your marketing, what would you say? Did you say your mailing list? If so, make sure it gets enough love. Let’s look at some basic steps you should be taking regularly to keep your […]

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Mail Piece Dimension Changes Take Effect January 2013

Beginning on January 5, 2013 the USPS is requiring that all folded self-mailers have a maximum size of 10.5″ x 6″.  The current maximum is 11.5″ x 6.125″, the same as letter-sized pieces.

There has been some confusion on whether or not letter-sized pieces (inserted envelopes […]

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Quick Mailpiece Design FAQ

Do invoices and statements have to be mailed First Class?

Yes. According to the USPS, “Matter containing personal information, partially or wholly handwritten or typewritten matter, or bills or statements of account must be mailed as First-Class Mail, unless mailed as Express Mail or Priority Mail, […]

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