USPS Proposed Rate Increases for Business Mail

By now most have heard that the price of a First Class stamp will increase to $0.46 in January.  The rates for business mail – automated presorted mail – will also increase.

First Class mail will increase about $0.01 per piece or roughly 2.6%.  Standard mail will go up  $0.004 per piece for an average increase of 1.6%.  The USPS is limited to postage rate hikes no greater than the rate of inflation which is currently 2.6%.  The second ounce for First Class mail will continue to be free.

With every rate increase, it becomes more imperative that mailers take every opportunity to optimize their mail data.  To view our blog post on that subject please click on this link .

To view a chart with more detail about the proposed increase please click  The new rate is scheduled to go into effect on January 27, 2013.

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