9×6 Postcards Will Qualify for Presorted First-Class Postcard Rates!

Beginning August 29th, the maximum size for postcards to qualify for the “preferred” Presorted First-Class Postcard rate in increasing. The previous maximum size was 6” x 4.25” – which limited the amount of value-added content that could be included. As a recognition of their desire for marketers to use the postcard medium to effectively communicate and promote, inform, and incorporate new technologies (e.g., QR codes, textures, etc.), the USPS recently approved an increase of the maximum size to 9” x 6”. This is a welcome change, knowing that postage rates in general are increasing on August 29th as well.

With the new larger size allowance, you have MUCH more real estate to capitalize on recipients’ attention for promotional and informational purposes. For example, companies that use postcards as payment or appointment reminders could pair promotional information with their mailings to offset costs. It also creates new opportunities for you to include embellishments like our CreativiD offerings (3D varnish and digital hot foil), as well as reticulating varnish (a client favorite!) on your pieces, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and elevating the mail moment.

And with these larger postcards, you’ll still get the unique benefits that mailing with Franklin offers – including online Mail Tracking, ACS (FREE electronic returned mail), Job Management, and integrated Proofing – all via our world-class Client Portal!

You can read the official USPS order approving the change here.

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