USPS Postage Discount Program Begins March 1, 2013

We posted earlier about the six postage discount programs being offered by the USPS this year.  You can get the official information here:

The first of these begins on March 1st and runs through April 30th.  It offers an upfront 2% postage discount by providing either (1) a mobile coupon that can be stored on and redeemed with a mobile device; or (2) a 2D barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device that brings up a phone number automatically on the users phone.

The second option is easily implemented.  To start, just click on this link: .  Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Generate” and select the “Phone” tab.  Enter the phone number you wish the code to link to without any dashes or spaces, i.e. 8005551212.  Just right click the generated code and save it to your computer.

Hint:  Make sure it is a genuine phone number and have somebody available to answer it.  Having a phone number come up on a user’s phone that leads nowhere or does not provide value to them will just inconvenience your customer or prospect.  Try to add value to the call.  For example, add a line near the code that says something like “Scan this code with your smart phone to call and redeem your offer” or “To receive more information scan this code with your smart phone.”

If you have any questions, please contact the USPS at

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