Franklin Client Portal: A Customer Says “Thank You!”

When we redesigned our Client Portal, we had the goal of creating a cohesive, secure, user-friendly, and data-driven experience. A few years have passed and, in our humble opinion, those goals still ring true. In addition to in-depth tracking analytics, secure file uploads, and proofing, you can see when and where your jobs are from anywhere online – 24 hours a day! It’s not just us talking about all the benefits the Client Portal offers – read below for recent feedback from one of our clients.

When I first started working with Franklin, we had to use platforms identified by our company as a secure source for sharing files – whether they were creative files, data files, or just sharing of any information – we used a platform that was eventually deemed outdated.  About two years ago we were advised our existing process didn’t meet our ongoing security requirements and we had to quickly pivot to a new process – only we didn’t have one in place.  I already had access to the (client) portal so that I could send individual requests for copies of letters that we needed to provide customers upon request.  That alone was a perfect solution to these random requests – only I didn’t realize when I started to use the portal, how much more it had to offer.

When we needed the immediate solution, Franklin was ready.  Not only ready, but the solution was far greater than what we were using.  The portal was deemed a secure transfer process and was a solution I didn’t know that we needed.  We can check our envelope stock at any given time.  We can pull delivery records.  We can upload files quickly and get an immediate confirmation email once it’s complete.  (Before, we had to manually confirm that the file made it due to the inability of the old platform having those capabilities.) In addition to those capabilities that saved us many steps as is, we are also able to pull QA files and approve right on the portal.  This was a process that used to require several emails – and manually saving these emails for audit purposes.  The portal eliminates all of it.  We have access to any audit related needs through the portal, and it’s available immediately. I never had formal instruction on how to use the portal for all of the different capabilities – not because it wasn’t offered or declined – it’s because it is that user friendly that I didn’t need to ask “how to”.   I have no doubt that this was built with the customer in mind.  I cannot say enough good things about using (the client portal).  The company I work for absolutely values protecting customer data and documenting processes; this portal meets those needs and beyond. Thank you!  

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