Casino Marketing: Eight Data Driven Strategies to Optimize Engagement

Casino marketers are faced with what millions of marketers are these days – dwindling budgets and a financially-challenged audience. Marketers must get smart when it comes to engaging gamers. Below, Glen Parker, of Experian, identifies eight ways in which you can engage customers individually.

1. Customer lifetime value to drive strategy.

First, figure out what matters to your casino in terms of customer value. Track purchasing, measure value, look at what customers are buying and determine how to adjust your mix to continue the purchase. Consider outsourcing your analytics to a partner that knows the business and can help you develop and analyze campaigns.

2. Maximize your marketing mix.

Customers have numerous ways of gathering information. Understand how they prefer to receive information to optimize your marketing mix.

3. Listen to your customers.

You have to make it easy for your customers to tell you what they want. Add incentives such as discounts or special offers to encourage your request for information.

4. Re-engage lost customers.

A low-cost way to engage is to communicate with old customers. Profile a segment of this group to see who mirrors your best existing customers and present them with a high-value offer tailored specifically to them.

5. Become more relevant, personalized and precise.

Leverage the idea of one-to-one marketing by implementing advanced technologies that will ensure you are sending offers to the right person, at the right time and through the right channel.

6. Use social networking techniques to inspire brand ambassadors.

More and more, purchasing decisions are being heavily influenced by online content and blogs. According to a recent study conducted by JupiterResearch2, “blogs factor into stages of the purchase process – over half (52 percent of those surveyed) said blogs played a role in the critical moment they decided to move forward with a purchase.”

Online monitoring tools and research will tell you what your customers are saying about your company.  The will also help you determine the most important forums, bloggers or online influencers. This type of intelligence helps to develop your word-of-mouth strategy and ensure you’re communicating effectively with your best customers and prospects.

7. Employ customer segmentation and behavioural targeting techniques.

In addition to research and surveys, leverage web analytics to understand customer behavior, then tailor your marketing around this insight.

8. Measure, test and adjust your programs for greater return.

Measuring marketing is critical on several levels. It ensures funding and resources, but it can also lead to more effective methods and messaging. By monitoring the measurable elements that affect your marketing goals, you will expand your understanding of and communication with customers.

Glen Parker is Managing Director, Experian Marketing Services, Asia Pacific. His expertise includes customer value management, database marketing, data management and call center effectiveness.

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