Reminder – New Postal Rates Take Effect Sunday, January 22nd

As announced last October, the USPS in increasing postal rates effective this Sunday.  Standard mail is increasing by 2.124% or about one half a cent per piece.

First Class mail is increasing by one cent.  The good news here is that the second ounce is free!   Currently, that second ounce would cost an additional twenty cents.  This means that those mailers who have been squeezing content into a smaller package can now expand their ad space without paying a postage premium.

In response to that, we have devised a jumbo mail package that provides a full 17” x 22” of personalized, variable data information.  This is sure to stand out in the mail box and give you a lot of extra real estate for your message, event calendar, coupons and more.  You can view a sample of the package here:

If you would like to see a printed sample of this piece, please send an email with your name and address to   Just type in the subject line “Large Format Sample” and we’ll get it to you right away.

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