QR Code Campaign Results

QR codes – we see them more and more places.  But, do they work?  Do consumers scan the codes with their mobile devices and respond to the back-end content?

We recently conducted a campaign for an auto dealership that was offering a free 42″ flat panel TV in a drawing at two of its locations.  A postcard was mailed asking the user to fill out a web form for a chance to enter.  The card contained a regular URL like that the user could type in on their computer.  It also contained a QR code that the user could scan with their smart phone which would take them to a similar website.

The results showed that the mail recipients overwhelmingly preferred to scan the code on their mobile device.  The postcard was mailed to home addresses where, we might assume, most people have a computer.  But, instead of typing in the URL on their computer, a whopping 89.3% of the responders scanned the QR code instead!

Just remember that backend content is critical.  Always deliver something of value – in this case an opportunity to win a TV.  The dealer also received a number of requests to get loan preapproval, people who wanted to discuss price and others wished to schedule a test drive.



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