Measuring your successes against your cost is incredibly important. Chances are you’ve created goals for your campaigns, and understanding your return on investment can ultimately help you further the success of your business. Let’s take a look at how you can not only track the ROI of your print and direct mail campaigns, but we’ll also touch base on some digital tools you can use to leverage a multi-channel approach and gain incredibly powerful insights.

It All Starts with a Goal

It’s difficult to measure a success when you don’t really have a goal defined to work towards. Before you even begin designing and copywriting, make sure you outline what you want people to do when they see your ad. Are they calling a number to respond? Visiting your website? Getting them through your doors to use a coupon? Once you have your call to action outlined, you’ll be able to craft a direct mail piece and start tracking responses.

How do you that, you might be wondering? Here are a few tips to track the effectiveness of your campaigns:

  • Ask Them How They Found You: Create a means of collecting this information, whether upon checkout, on your website, or even just part of your initial conversation over the phone with your recipients.
  • Create a Campaign Specific Toll-Free Number: Need to track inbound responses – no problem! With a designated phone number, you’re able to compare just how many calls come in against how many mailers went out.
  • Coupon Codes: Creating campaign specific coupon codes are another great way to unmask a campaigns success. Bonus – you can create variable offerings to test out which campaign is performing better.
  • Campaign Landing Pages: Having people register for an event or even trying to get your brand advocates to participate in a special giveaway? Create a landing page specific to your campaign initiatives.
  • Take it a Step Further with Personalized Landing Pages: Also known as PURLs, your personalized landing page experience is a way to not only tell how many people are engaging with your campaign, but also WHO those people are. This can begin to unearth even more opportunities as you begin to identify what your audience finds most engaging about each campaign.

Bring It All Together

Especially in today’s multi-channel marketing environment – it’s important that you take a look at how your campaigns are performing and where you’re finding the most successes. If the goal you set initially was monetary – divide your revenues by your costs to determine how far your marketing dollars went. If the goal was for increased foot traffic or website visits, leverage the coupon code to identify just how many customers were motivated by your message.



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