A Smarter Way to send Certified Mail

Many businesses find it necessary to send letters via Certified Mail. These include collections, legal notices, insurance information and other important documents. One major headache has been filling out forms and green cards manually, and often facing long waits at the post office.

The USPS has authorized an automated way to handle this end-to-end process. You can now send Certified Mail without filling out forms or standing in line at the Post Office – and you can save over a dollar in postage on each letter.

By replacing the “green card” with a barcode that’s printed on your mail pieces, the return receipts (with signature) will instead be available electronically for you to print and/or save for your records.

Tracking information is available at every step of the delivery process, so you will know when each letter is delivered.

If you are a frequent user of certified mail and would like to learn more about setting up this service, contact your mail service provider, or contact Franklin at or 1-800-375-0504.