Franklin Employee Develops a New App – Introducing AutoLocate®

Franklin employee, Gene Smith, has published a new app on the Apple App Store.  Do you have a guest coming who has become lost?  Want to know if your delivery truck has arrived at its destination?  Want your child to have an easy way to tell you where they are?  All they have to do is use AutoLocate and with a couple of clicks, notify you of their location. Here is the description of the app from the Apple store:

AutoLocate is a simple, elegant app designed for one thing only. AutoLocate will utilize your iphone’s built in GPS to determine your exact location and then allow you to email or text that location to anyone with just a couple of clicks. No more copying, pasting or typing out addresses.  Features include: full integration with iphone contacts and a clean, simple user interface.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the interface:

You can view the app here: 

To download the app, scan this code with your mobile device:

Early reviews are in:

I like apps that need no explanation or don’t require reading a manual to operate. Simple, not cluttered, and fast. Simply load it and it will determine your location. Then either tap email or text and you’re done.

This is so cool, love how you can text or email, great for travel emergencies.  Love it

Great idea……..easy to use

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